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January 10, 2017
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July 11, 2017
Deltec Sola Farmhouse

SPACIALISTS aims to make rendering the easiest part of any project and partnership with our clients is a cornerstone for us. After years of quoting projects, I’ve come up with some helpful tips on how to make the most of your rendering plan and budget from the start!

Follow these recommendations to save yourself considerable hassle, time, and money when submitting a quote request to any rendering firm.


Upon quote submission:

  • Collect images that are similar to styles/designs you’re looking to achieve
  • Supply any and all plans, files, and images you have with regard to your project; no amount is too much to send, just make sure it’s relevant
  • If you’re looking for specific furniture, fixtures, or textures, present those with the quote request – specific objects will require detailed modeling
  • If you’re flexible with furniture and fixtures it could be an opportunity to save some money
  • Make notes on your images – if you send a room image, but all you like is the chair, indicate that clearly to help clarify your needs
  • If you’re providing plans, indicate where you’d place the camera if you were taking a picture of your final desired images
  • Explain how you’ll use your images – digital use only may affect pricing as opposed to a client that is printing a large banner an requires higher resolution as large files take more time to render


I’ll follow up with another post for once you’ve chosen a 3D rendering partner. Hopefully it’ll assist you in making the most of your revision rounds to further maximize your budget.


The beautiful home design above is a new model from one of our awesome clients, Deltec Homes.


Tell us what you’re working on in the comments!

Jen Oloo
Jen Oloo
I've spent nearly 20 years in advertising and marketing with the last 10 in channel marketing for major brands at a local level. At SPACIALISTS, my marketing expertise complements our technology-driven 3D renderings and virtual reality experiences.


  1. Janice says:


    We are an architecture firm in Singapore, and we have a client who is designing a resort style community center, complete with bungalow accommodations. We want to propose deltec homes to them, but noticed your models have only been used as residential homes. Is it possible to custom design it into a community center? We also want to drop your deltec home models into our 3D model to show the client what it would look like.

    Is it possible for us to request for 3D models of your homes?

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