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August 2, 2017
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3D Rendering: Marketing an Architect’s Vision

3D rendering and visualization emerged within the field of architecture as a means to creatively market an architect’s vision. It is a profession born out of the need to tell a story in a language that everyone can understand. Architects are artists by trade, but they can’t always persuade a client with a flat plan, no matter how sophisticated or perfect it might be. Most people can’t read an architectural plan to be able to see what the space will actually look like when it’s built.

Social and Lived Spaces in 3D Renderings and VR

A winning pitch in the past may have included a mere sketch of stunning structure against an appealing background that targeted the developer’s market. Today’s urban dwellers dream of wide, open spaces, walkable streets, and meaningful interactions. Especially in master=planned communities, potential residents now need a visual interpretation of their future life in the proposed neighborhood.

In a suburban community, for instance, a rendering artist can fulfill the desire for space by visualizing the suburb as a community, with schools, cafes, shopping centers, parks, and playgrounds all within reach. They let images of a father and son flying a kite, the whole family having a picnic, or friends riding their bikes  tell the story of what it will be like to live in the community.

There are promotional images in which the house or condominium tower appears to be a small part of the background. It creates intrigue—enough to appeal to emotion, which is the sort of thing that sells. And because architects are artists by trade, what better way to sell your vision than to make your designs appeal to human emotion?

The Architect’s Limitations

Current technological advancements in architectural visualization have been quite revolutionary. The combination of realistic and elaborate, video game-like world-building almost leaves nothing to the imagination in today’s 3D renderings and VR experiences.

One thing we are passionate about at SPACIALISTS is that architectural presentations still be loyal to reality. Imaginary utopias are the domain of video game animators and architectural visualizations must always consider city limitations, property lines, and geographical contexts. There is looming danger of producing an idealized version of the proposed design, like MVRDV’s proposed building in Amsterdam. While renderings only serve as interpretations of the architect’s vision, they influence decisions, too. So restraint must be exercised to avoid unmet expectations.

At SPACIALISTS, we create architectural renderings that are both stunning and functional. Explore our architectural visualization demo to get a feel of our products and services.

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Jen Oloo
Jen Oloo
I've spent nearly 20 years in advertising and marketing with the last 10 in channel marketing for major brands at a local level. At SPACIALISTS, my marketing expertise complements our technology-driven 3D renderings and virtual reality experiences.

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