Interactive Virtual Reality Architectural App

Would your customers enjoy walking through their new space in a realistic, virtual environment, to select the finishes they wish to use?

This is now possible with SPACIALISTS’ interactive virtual reality platform.

We develop custom apps and help with VR hardware procurement to let our clients showcase their architectural visualizations in an interactive and engaging way. Our in-person training program and live demos guarantee that you and your staff can provide the best VR experience to your buyers and investors.

On top of providing staff training and installing the VR hardware, we will also develop an intuitive VR experience that lets your clients choose from a selection of design finishes. Not only are you walking them through a lifelike representation of your vision, you are also making them a part of the design process.

Giving your clients an experience with VR is like letting them inhabit the 3D model of your design. Clients, from homebuyers to investors, would like to see for themselves if your design is functional and habitable. 2D plans and still renderings can be engaging whereas a VR experience emulates a conceptual environment and creates the illusion that your client is physically present in the actual space. The added interactivity feature makes the experience visually accessible, giving room to reflect on options.

Our Virtual Reality Interactive app transcends the traditional bounds of real estate marketing. If you’re ready to use this powerful tool, contact SPACIALISTS, today.

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