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Zoom Sessions

Connecting with your partners while designing a space and developing visualizations is key to success! As often as possible we enjoy connecting with our clients online. This allows us to walk through models at each phase of development and make key decisions together, ensuring your needs are being met.

Our Process

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Information Gathering

Our first step in any project is to have a conversation and gather general requirements for execution. This includes attaining specific elements (elevations, floor plans, images) as well as listening to you describe your project. We care a great deal about the feeling and spirit you wish to convey in your space.
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Structural Gray Scale

In this phase we model and create the structural components (e.g. walls, windows, doors, molding details, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, and lighting conditions). In this phase we do not add any furniture, colors or decorative features. Approval is required before proceeding to the next project phase.
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Color & Texture

During this phase we apply colors, textures, and objects (e.g. furniture, statues, water features, foliage, fabrics, floor coverings, artwork, paint colors, wood grains, electrical fixtures, and appliances). Once furniture selections have been made, you will receive image files for approval with these selections implemented.
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Post Production

Once you’ve approved your design, textures, and perspective, we take special care to apply additional lighting, color corrections, and small details that will bring your images to life. Upon completion you will receive high-resolution image(s) as a final deliverable.


Philip Oloo

Founder & CEO


Philip Oloo has been working within the architectural community for over 15 years and founded SPACIALISTS as a 3D rendering firm in 2012. Under his leadership the company has expanded into Virtual Reality experiences and plays a dominant role within the architectural marketing category. Philip fosters a commitment to innovation, employee engagement, and a client-centric culture.

Jen Oloo

Head of Marketing & Client Service


Jen holds an MBA and has nearly 20 years in advertising and marketing for major brands including restaurants, hotels, automotive, retail, entertainment, and apparel. Jen brings her client service and marketing expertise to ensure our teams exceed expectations and act as a true partner to our clients.

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