NextLinks – Social Indoor Golf Experience
June 4, 2018
Resort Pool Renovation
March 23, 2018

Emerson for ESA Living

Emerson is a new, single-family residence, about 4,600 sqft, located in Arlington, VA.

Using Virtual Reality, we’ve created day and evening shots utilizing the same models and preparation. Moving time of day is effortless in VR we were able to produce multiple outputs including: In-headset VR immersion, self-directed 360º panoramas, video animation, and realistic stills. This video animation features the transition from ARCHICAD model to Unreal Engine and demonstrates the in-headset user experience.

ESA Living utilizes SPACIALISTS not just for our realistic quality and impeccable client service, but also for our project-based pricing. We include much of what is typically considered “add-ons” and don’t nickel and dime budgets.

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