NextLinks – Social Indoor Golf Experience
June 4, 2018

NextLinks – Social Indoor Golf Experience (Expanded)

We’ve scaled the original NextLinks 2,500 sq.ft. space into an arena-style convergence of play and entertainment. This expanded design provides multiple-bay interactive driving and a flexible putting green that can be allocated to multiple group games or individual players. This 10,000 sq.ft. NextLinks plan utilizes expansive wall displays to provide captivating visuals paired with a legitimate 18-hole golfing experience on a fully enclosed footprint.

The 360º panorama is user-driven and viewable on a desktop or by utilizing cardboard lenses and a smart phone. Innovative “gazing” tech allows the viewer to transport themselves and explore the space on their own. This Virtual Reality experience has been designed by SPACIALISTS using Epic’s UE4 gaming platform.

Explore this 360º experience to walk through the 40,000 sqft space.

Through the power of VR, SPACIALISTS transports you to NextLink’s 10,000 sqft indoor golf-verse where players can come to socialize and, with the use of proprietary technology, take advantage of true to life game play. Golfers rejoice!

SPACIALISTS provides an “all-in” scope of work that can’t be found with traditional rendering companies. We partner with our clients to deliver true interactivity that cannot be achieved without the power of Extended Reality and gaming engines.

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