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July 6, 2017
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June 17, 2017

Corona Del Mar

This cliffhanger beauty in Corona Del Mar, CA came to us through architect Andrew Goetz who was designing the residence. From CAD plans we developed a gray scale model of the property including the complex topography of the hillside. You can see the rear design options made possible through 3D rendering of the lower deck spa.

During the color phase of the project, we were able to play with light as well as capture the actual bay footage in the background. The shrubbery on the hillside was all created in 3D. As this project had houses on either side, we decided to also model those in order to better manipulate the final shots for marketing purposes.


A unique challenge came once we were at the color phase of the home. The front deck area didn’t have access and was, at this point, just for looks. Phil Oloo of SPACIALISTS, with his background in design and construction, proposed an alternate top deck that removed one side of the rooftop and transformed it into a staircase providing access to the front deck. This was an elegant solution that provided more livable space without compromising the unique design.


In the final renderings you can see the garage and driveway areas were completely altered from the original plan. 3D rendering made it possible for the developers to see their plans before they were built. This saved time and money as well as being able to accurately market the property during the construction process. This project showcases the power of 3D rendering as well as the partnership and expertise clients receive from SPACIALISTS.

SPACIALISTS was also able to produce stunning advertisements for this property. Contact us today and tell us what you’re working on!

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