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March 23, 2018
ESA Living
November 22, 2017

Resort Pool Renovation

The Hamptons is a master-planned community located in Orange County, CA. In this project, we were asked by DLZ Interiors to bring their vision to life through Virtual Reality. In VR we were able to produce multiple outputs including: In-headset VR immersion, self-directed 360º panoramas, video animation, and realistic stills.
Enjoy our video animation below. We include video with all of our projects and never charge per second fees.

360º panoramas are easily achieved using Unreal Engine and Virtual Reality. If you have a pair of goggles or a Google cardboard load this into your smart phone and gaze away. You can move throughout the model just by staring at different points in the model.

Finally, SPACIALISTS is able to produce unlimited still shots without render time so our clients receive their final images in minutes, not days. Take a look at the type of quality we can achieve ditching the traditional 3D rendering techniques and embracing Virtual Reality.

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