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November 22, 2017
Corona Del Mar
July 2, 2017

Waffle Bar, Las Vegas

Retail space planning and design are a core competency at SPACIALISTS. For this new Waffle Bar location in Las Vegas, we began with images of the existing space as well as rough measurements for the front and back rooms. We were also provided inspirational imagery as well as branding from which to build the deliciously new quick serve restaurant.

From just imagery we began to create the gray scale models that can be seen here. This was an opportunity to ensure the prep and services areas were well equipped and managed the flow of traffic, from ordering to checkout.


In the color phase we added the branding and textures from the inspirational imagery to complete the look of the new quick serve retail space. We were able to achieve exactly the look requested from the wood grains and wall color to the brushed gunmetal appliances and artwork. We were also able to capture a bird’s eye view of the space to illustrate the rear of the store including storage and back kitchen area.

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